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BestXstats provides easy to use regulatory reporting solutions and best execution analytics to help your firm comply with SEC regulators and the aggressively increased focus on market regulation and preventing market manipulation.

Rule 606 Compliance Reporting

Updated Rules, Increased Complexity

Our team at BestXstats has been at the forefront of financial compliance for decades and helped pioneer the research and framework that went into the original SEC Rule 606. (2000)

Choose the most experienced team to help you comply with the new order handling rules, effective October 1, 2019.


SEC RULE 606(a)(1)
  • Held Order Flow
  • Equities and Options < $50,000
  • Report posted to SEC website
  • Marketability at route time
  • Disclosure of fees and rebates
SEC RULE 606(b)(3)
  • Not Held Order Flow
  • Upon request of customer
  • Highly detailed routing information
  • Liquidity Metrics
  • Actionable Indications of Interest (IOI)
  • Disclosure of fees and rebates

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SEC Rule 605 Compliance Reporting

Powerful Tools to Monitor and Manage Your Trading

In November 2000 the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted Rule 605 (formerly 11- Ac1-5) which mandates market centers that trade in US national market system securities (Reg NMS) to make publicly available monthly electronic reports that include uniform statistical measures of execution quality. The adoption of this rule is intended to increase the visibility of order executions of the securities markets for public investors to address the issue of market fragmentation and to spur more vigorous competition among market participants to provide the best possible prices for investor orders.

BestXstats assists firms in complying with their regulatory obligation of Rule 605 with a web based tool that allows you to view 605 statistics on a stock-by stock basis, by order type, in the aggregate or an order-by-order basis. Drill down to the order level details to research and analyze the quality of each order and how it executed against the NBBO. Whether your searching for Price Improvement, Effective Spread or Execution Speeds, BestXstats has the tools to help you comply to determine if your orders are getting the best quality of executions.

Investment Advisor Services from BestXStats
Investment Advisors

Analytical Reports Routing and Best Execution Analysis

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Broker Dealer Services from BestXStats
Broker Dealers

Uncomplicated Rule 606 Reports and Best Execution Analysis

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Exchange services offered by BestXStats

Straightforward Rule 605 Reporting and Competitive Order Flow Analysis

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Market Maker Services from BestXStats
Market Makers

Clear Quality of Execution Results for internal as well as meeting SEC obligations.

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Surveillance Solutions from BestXStats
Surveillance Solutions

Monitoring of Market Manipulation for AML, Front Running, Wash Sales, Insider Trading, Spoofing, Parking...

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