Best Execution &
Trade Surveillance Solutions

BestXstats provides best execution analytics and trade surveillance solutions to help your firm comply with the SEC regulators and the aggressively increased focus on market regulation and preventing market manipulation.

Trade Surveillance

Detect Market Manipulation and Fraud On The Spot

Due to the increased scrutiny and attention the regulators are giving brokerage firms regarding trading violations, BXS's Trading Surveillance Solutions provides surveillance algorithms to detect market manipulation, market abuse and fraud covering the following areas:

  • Front Running (same product and across products)
  • Anticipatory Hedging
  • Retail Order Protection (formerly the Manning Rule)
  • Parking, Wash Sales, Ramping (including Momentum Ignition), Layering and Spoofing
  • Intimidation and Coordination
  • Manipulating the Close (for an existing position or to execute a customer order)
  • Insider Trading (monitoring both internal information barriers as well as outside news sources)
  • IOIs/Trade Adverts

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Analytical Reports Routing and Best Execution Analysis

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Uncomplicated Rule 606 Reports and Best Execution Analysis

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Straightforward Rule 605 Reporting and Competitive Order Flow Analysis

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Clear Quality of Execution Results for internal as well as meeting SEC obligations.

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